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Welcome to the Pop Up Shop submission form.  Just a wee reminder that all sale items must be HAND CRAFTED.  Please complete the following form for each item you wish to sell.  A drop down box to indicate the type of item for retail is included to assist in the planning of the shop display.  Please provide a brief description of your item so that pop shop staff can accurately track all sales.  EACH item or set (eg. 4 placemats) must be entered individually with the exception of smaller items which can be grouped under one description up to 5 in a grouping.  

The FINAL SUBMISSION DATE  is March 31, 2024.  Individual sale tags will be distributed at the April 2024 meeting or you may make alternative arrangements for pick up at Barb Anyon’s home, 5 Bowstead Dr., St. Catharines can.  Note: The POP UP SHOP team has the right to exclude items that do not meet quality standards.
Thank you participating in our Niagara Modern Quilt Guild Show and contributing 20% of each sale to support the future plans of our Guild.